What Is Something Really Worth?

I think it can safely be said the value of any commodity depends on its scarcity. When something is really important, rare, infrequent in supply it's value goes up. And sometimes the reason the value goes up is because it reminds us of what really is special or important when we don't have or can't get enough of it or it's not in abundant supply. For example:

  • Time
  • Friends, family, relationships
  • Antiques
  • Money
  • Employment
  • Creativity
  • Freedom

Let me give you one more, servant leadership. I love this quote from C. William Pollard, chairman of ServiceMaster;

"The real leader is not the person with the most distinguished title, the highest pay, or the longest tenure. The real leader is the role model, the risk taker. The real leader is not the person with the largest car or the biggest home, but the servant; not the person who promotes himself or herself, but the promoter of others; not the administrator, but the initiator; not the taker but the giver; not the talker, but the listener. Servant leaders believe in the people they lead and are always ready to be surprised by their potential. Servant leaders, make themselves available. Servant leaders are committed-they are not simply holders of positions. They love and care about the people they lead. Everyone is a leader and everyone can be a servant."

Seen any real leaders lately?

I just had to share this video I saw on Monday morning from CBS News. It's about 3 minutes and it is about the relationship of a firefighter in NYC and his son (who was also a firefighter) on and following 9/11. I love his attitude and response about tears. It's a good'n.


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1. Kelly North wrote:
Seen any real leaders lately?
Not around my department, unfortunately leadership is "what can you do to make me look good, what can I do to look good for promotion,"; I have made a realization over the last few months, it was more about me than it was about my guys, hopefully I'm changing, about time, 346 days to retirement.

Mon, September 19, 2011 @ 8:37 AM

2. Mahaley wrote:
Gee wiillkers, that's such a great post!

Thu, January 12, 2012 @ 11:05 AM

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