Dr. Ron is an amazing executive coach.  I was fortunate to work with him for over a year at a time when I was facing many challenges both professionally (as President of Sonic) and personally (as a wife, mother and caretaker for ailing parents).   Dr. Ron helped me develop a personal mission statement and provided gentle and expert guidance and coaching on how to deal with challenges and opportunities ahead of me.  I became a better executive and person because of his wise counsel.  I highly recommend you start working with him today!
Pattye Moore - Speaker, Consultant  and former President of Sonic and Author of Confessions from the Corner Office

Dr. Beasley has made a significant contribution of leadership to JPI's leadership and managerial development programs.  His approach of objective measurements along with one-on-one executive coaching has change the course and direction of our leadership and management training programs.  He has become an encouraging, yet disciplined accountability partner for many of our senior leaders.  The results have been just short of remarkable!  As I visit with our core leadership team and the status of their personal development program, they give Dr. Beasley most of the credit for their progress.  Our senior leadership team has clearly grown and prospered under the influence of  Dr. Beasley's structured, yet customized approach to leadership development.

Ronald D. Ingram, JPI - Chief Operating Officer   

Dr. Ron has definitely pushed me to pursue the things that I wanted to change.  He truly excels at asking me probing questions that force me to see things from other perspectives and gives me ideas on how to address issues that did not occur to me.  Dr. Ron is able to relate my situation to situations he has seen before or had personally experienced, which allowed him to provide valuable insights.  He recognizes my talents and accomplishments and understands my needs.  He provides excellent feedback and is very candid with me. 

Although I was a bit reluctant in the beginning, thinking that I didn't need anyone to help me think through issues, Dr. Ron quickly won me over with his directness, integrity and sincerity.  He relates extremely well with people and is thereby able to quickly establish trust and a solid working relationship.  He believed in me when I questioned myself and that gave me the push I needed to move forward.

Steven Spall, Managing Partner - Boston

During the time we met, I felt that we developed a rapport and level of trust that was very important to me. I have always known that I could accomplish anything I set out to do but had gone through a rough period based upon issues which we discussed. Those issues rocked me to the core and I was doubting myself which in turn created more problems. I felt that our sessions allowed me to develop the strengths I knew I had and to become the leader I want to be.

Anne Holzberlein,Vice President for Development & Executive Director UCO Foundation, The University of Central Oklahoma